How to fix Spotify++ not opening

If you found this post, chances are that you can’t get the Spotify++ nor the topstore apps to open up. You’re tapping it but it just won’t open. This is because the apps got revoked.

Apple revokes the apps whenever they catch on to the developer account that is connected to these apps. Them revoking causes us to lose access and leave us with no choice but to delete the apps or waste storage space.

The fix

The solution to a revoked app is to reinstall the app from the original or different source. Since Topstore still works quite well, we will use that to get Spotify++. Follow these steps:

  • Go to settings > General > Profiles & Device Management > HeNan Mobile Games SoftWare Co,… (or anything else under ‘Enterprise App’)
  • It should show all of the revoked apps at the bottom including Topstore and Spotify++
  • Tap ‘Delete Apps’ and confirm it

So now we have deleted all of the apps that were revoked and can now go on to reinstall them.

You can do so by following my other post on installing Spotify++. You can check out the post here:

Unable to Download App

I have been noticing that sometimes Topstore does not install. It gives an “Unable to Download App” popup. When this happens you can tap retry. If it still does not install, I recommend waiting for a few hours or the next day and then attempting to install it again. Most of the time it should work.

In the future, I will make another post on how to install Spotify++ through other sources. This is just so that if Topstore does not work, you can install Spotify++ or any other tweaked app through another source at that moment rather than waiting for Topstore to come back up.

I hope this post helped and enjoy!

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