Flex 3 – Making your own tweaks for IOS 11

Cydia is a wonderful place to find tweaks and apps that allow you to do more than you could have without a jailbreak. It allows you to access freedom on your phone that you otherwise wouldn’t have.

While there are so many great tweaks and apps that users can find on Cydia, there are also so many more that have not even been created yet. Tweaks that people like you and I have conceptualized but have not actually realized because we may not have the required programming experience or patience needed. 

Making tweaks is not that difficult

It feels really discouraging to find out that you need to learn Swift or Objective C to create something amazing to put on Cydia. Even something as simple as a cosmetic change on the OS would require learning so much and spending so much time. It feels better to just pass out on creating a tweak than to spend all that time and energy. 

Fortunately, there is an app called Flex 3 that works perfectly on IOS 11 and allows users to create their own tweaks. The tweaks cannot be published onto Cydia, but can be shared with other Flex 3 users. 

As the name suggests, this is the 3rd version of the Flex app. Flex has been quite a popular app and has been updated with improvements each time. The obvious reason for its popularity is because it allows people without any coding experience to create their own tweaks for installed apps and the OS of your device. It allows users a lot of freedom and ability to experiment with different parts of the code without being too difficult to navigate. A beginner can easily learn the basics of Flex 3 and create some simple tweaks almost immediately while learning new things on the way. 

How to install Flex 3 on your device

To get the official working version of Flex 3, follow these steps:

  • Open Cydia and search for ‘Flex 3’
  • Make sure to install the one from the BigBoss repo
  • If you already have it installed from another repo, make sure to uninstall that first (Do not worry about losing any tweaks you made, they will be saved)
  • Respring your device
  • You should now have Flex 3 installed on your device

Might as well make an account

I recommend you create an account now in the ‘Dash’ tab on the bottom right. Go under ‘User’ and create your profile. If you wish to, you can also go under ‘Products’ and purchase the ability to have unlimited downloads from the cloud. This just means that when you tap the cloud icon on the bottom center and install tweaks or patches from other users, you will not be limited to a certain number of downloads per a 24 hour timeframe. 

Consider purchasing unlimited downloads

If you choose not to buy the unlimited downloads, you can still enjoy other users’ patches without a problem. You simply find one that you want and tap ‘Get’. It will install and you can toggle it off or on under the ‘Patches’ menu. You will be limited to about 3 downloads every 24 hours though. It is best to use the free version and see if paying $4 for unlimited downloads is worth it.

You should also know that some patches might not work even if they or the comments below them claim otherwise. This could be because they have been made useless from updates or are cosmetic or simply never worked. You can try downloading them to see how the outdated ones were created to understand at a better level how you can create your own patches for the current version of the app or OS you are tweaking. 

Creating your own patches

At this point, I encourage you to experiment with the app by download others’ patches and looking at how those patches were created and then attempting to modify an app yourself. Just go to the ‘Patches’ tab and tap the ‘+’ on the top right to create your own tweak or patch. Choose whichever app you wish to modify and ‘Add units…’ . Tap the name of the app under ‘Executable’ and process it.

Tap the executable and use keywords such as ‘ads’ or ‘coins’/’tokens’ to find what it is you are looking to edit. When you find something that you want to modify such as a float (this is a number), you can edit it to any value you wish. After that back out and toggle on the patch you just created and open the app you just modified and see if what you modified has been changed. If not, go back and find another value to change.

Doing this and experimenting with it will allow you to find what works and what does not. After some experimentation you will be able to create better patches for even the entire IOS version that you are currently using.

The limits of Flex 3

That is all that there is to it. I highly recommend that you experiment with this app and realize that somethings may just not work while others may work with minimal effort. Also be careful if you are editing any games that go through any online servers as there is a huge chance of being banned from those games. You should also know that these patches that you will be able to create will not be as powerful or as great as the tweaks found on Cydia, but this is definitely a great way for an absolute beginner to experiment and learn about the files and system settings of your device and the apps you have. 

To truly create an app or tweak that is a standalone from any other app or tweak such as Flex 3, you will need to learn a programming language. And while this post may not have shown you how to do that, I believe using this will allow you to, at the very least, learn the absolute basics and to get comfortable with the idea of coding. I see Flex 3 as I see code blocks, something that allows beginners to transition into actual complex coding. Flex 3 will hopefully allow you to build a foundation off of which you can start truly creating wonderful apps and tweaks to publish on Cydia.